The Girl Behind the Camera

Hi there! I’m Mo, film director, student, wife and mother of two. I specialize in wedding and labor & delivery films but love to capture any type of family related event. I love to make people look and feel like a million bucks. 

A little about me, my family and I live in Utah and love to travel all around the world and into the mountains to take videos and pictures. I have been making movies officially for the last six years and after my little girl was born, I decided I would turn what I love to do into a business. Wahoo! I have learned so much more about film making as I have explored more about starting my business. There is always something new to learn about lighting, sound, content, editing etc. So fun! 

My goal is to give you content that will benefit you for years to come. I want to capture moments in your life that you will cherish forever. I want you to have those happy memories tucked in your pocket so you can pull them out whenever you want them. I am here to solve problems for you and make your life easier during the busiest and most exciting time of your life. It’s nice to meet you and we hope to see you soon!


Well, I’ve decided that I am getting pretty tired of social media. I can’t believe how much influence it has over the population. It is

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Thoughts in my head

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Top 10 Mom List

What All Moms Should Have on Hand For a Photoshoot Camera: Duh. Don’t be lazy and leave it at home, just take it with you.

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Duolingo is a language learning application and website. It uses repetition, pictures, sounds and visuals to teach the learner the language of their choice. It

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TikTok Goes the Clock

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Hey Moms!

Hey you moms out there! How many of you would be interested in getting some tips and tricks for how to capture pictures and videos

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