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Top 10 Mom List

What All Moms Should Have on Hand For a Photoshoot

  1. Camera: Duh. Don’t be lazy and leave it at home, just take it with you. You never know when you’re going to wish you had a camera to capture the moment. 
  2. Blanket: For a backdrop. Don’t use a sheet because they are usually wrinkly. Use a blanket that you think could make a good backdrop.
  3. Flashlight: This can make cool lighting effects or shadows. When you are taking a picture, it is like you are painting a picture on a canvas. How would a painter paint what you are shooting? Would they have the shadows where you have them? 
  4. Toy for you: This makes it interesting to look at the camera. Children like to either look at the camera, or look at anything but the camera. Having a toy, something that makes noise or if you all else fails, ask them to find the “bug” in the camera that makes the clicking noise. Saves your bacon.
  5. Toy for child: Stuffed animals or dolls are a cute prop that looks great for little girls. For little boys a toy might be better. It keeps the child entertained and it makes your picture more authentic and different from other pictures.
  6. Glass prism: This is a fun way to create interesting content. It plays with reflection and lighting. Here is the link to the one I use from Amazon
  7. Camera strap: These are really valuable because they can help keep your camera safe from falling, and they also help keep your camera steady. You just hold the camera tight against the strap around your neck and viola! Crip photos and buttery footage! This is a great way to personalize your camera and also makes it so that you don’t have to bring your steady cam everywhere. (Those things are heavy, but also make really buttery video).
  8. Small tripod: These are amazing for if you want to take a selfie, want higher quality than your shaking, or your arms are tired. Here is a link to my favorite small tripod. You can find so many different uses for this one I love it. Link.
  9. GoPro: These are so great to have for daily use. They are so light and durable and easy to use, you really can’t go wrong with one of these in your purse. 
  10. Cosmetics: This includes wet wipes, small bottle of hair gel, chapstick, and hair tie. Children always get dirty and if you give their face a nice clean with a wipe, and style their hair really fast, you might be able to get a few photos or videos before they pull their hair out and get mud on their face again. And hopefully the toys will distract them for another minute.

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