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Duolingo is a language learning application and website. It uses repetition, pictures, sounds and visuals to teach the learner the language of their choice. It is free to everyone, but can be upgraded to a premium version. The premium version makes it so that the learner can use it when they don’t have data and it doesn’t have ads. They’ve created a fun and cute way of learning a language and have made it really simple. Even the pictures they use are just little cartoons. The learner can get coins to use at the store, but they haven’t overloaded the store with a bunch of nonsense. Only a few things that can be useful to keep your steak going. 

I love this app because I have been learning how to read and speak Welsh for the last 120 days. It is easy to set goals and get excited to learn. They send you a notification if you forget to practice. They have a community and you can invite your friends to do competitions with you. I am using it to teach my son Spanish and it is fun and easy to do it together. 


  • Community
  • Multiple different languages available
  • Automatic reminders
  • Visual, audio, physical, and repetition as ways of teaching
  • Easy goal setting
  • Free and option to upgrade
  • Online and on app
  • You can talk to others if you have questions
  • Can be used for all ages


  • It is a slow way of learning a language
  • It teaches using your native language. 
  • It doesn’t teach grammar or pronunciation super well
  • They should have a way of adding your own flashcards and pictures to help you remember something. 
  • They should have a journal where you can write notes if you want

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