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Featured Wedding Film

Capturing tender moments on your big day is something I love doing! I love meeting new people and giving you something that you will cherish forever. I love capturing moments that most people will forget about. This is something you can watch every anniversary, and see how much your love has grown since then. 

Featured Trailer

I like to make trailers to videos I make to help you be even more excited to see the finished product. So many people want to see the video, not just you, and being able to give everyone a little taste makes everybody happy.

Featured Labor & Birth Film

When I had my first child, I wished so much that I had a video of the first moment I met him. I wish I could see my face as I looked at him for the first time and see his first breath of life. Having a child is one of the most life changing experiences of your life and I would love to capture this moment for you and your family.

Featured Commercial

I film and edit commercials, too. I worked at Chamber Media for a year before having my third baby. I got good at balancing quality and being quick while filming and editing.