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Well, I’ve decided that I am getting pretty tired of social media. I can’t believe how much influence it has over the population. It is a time waster, manipulator, and trap. Platforms are created to keep you engaged as much as possible and will only show people what they want to see. Because of this, I want to just get rid of all of my social media platforms and live a life a little more simply. On the other hand, it is a great way to expand a business, stay in the loop on what trends are going on in the world, and a great way to connect with people with commonalities. I need social media to grow my business. It is almost impossible to have a business like mine without being actively engaged on social media. I am really conflicted with this. I despise a lot of aspects of  social media, but I also need it in order to make a living. I will probably just continue to learn about different platforms that will be the best for my cinematography. I’ll either find some way to succeed without the need of social media, or I will find a way to use it in a way that can be used for good in the world. Algorithms are something I definitely need to learn more about. Wish me luck as I struggle through this dilemma.

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